Flow measurement for liquids, gases and steam

Flow Switches

A flow switch is a instrument that is used to control the flow of liquid. Flow switches work by sending trip signals to another device within the system, telling it to shut off or to turn on, which will further protect it from damage and for cooling circuit protection.

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  • 2. Flow Controller BFC210/211

    BASI's BFC210/211 is a programmable flow controller designed for use with low-viscose clear or translucent liquids, transmitting IR light.
  • Flow Switch BFS50

    BASI's BFS50 paddle flow switch is to operate with low contaminated liquids with moderate flow as water and water solutions, oil, and fuels.
  • Flow Switches BFS100

    BASI's BFS100 is to operate with low viscosity, non-viscous or dirty liquids with moderate flow rates as water and water solutions, oil, and fuels