Signal converters

Signal Conditioners, Transmitters and Converters

Process transmitters isolate, filter amplify, and convert sensor signals to current or voltage signals for interfacing with controllers and other instrumentation. Select from 2-wire loop-powered current transmitters, 3-wire DC- powered transmitters, or 4-wire AC/DC-powered transmitters. 3-wire and 4-wire models are available as current or voltage transmitters. DIN-rai, plug-in and field-mount version are available. Configuration is easy with Windows software, push-buttons, switches, or pots for span/zero settings depending on the series.

Plug-In Converters

What is Signal Conditioning
“Anything in / anything out” – conversion, isolation, amplification, splitting, monitoring and many more functions for electrical signals or signals from sensors producingelectrical signals used in measurement and control applications.

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  • Electronic Relay BRL7892

    BASI'sBRL7892 is an electronic relay, , especially designed for railway wagon emergency brake and automatic door control system.
  • ON/OFF Controller BTC7806

    BASI's programmable ON/OFF controller BTC7806, designed for wide range of applications
  • ON/OFF Controller BTC7837

    BASI's programmable ON/OFF controller BTC7837, designed for wide range of applications
  • Power Supply BPS7820

    BASI's BPS7820 general power supply for smaller measurement systems requiring fixed stabilized 24VDC or 2 stabilised voltages
  • Reverced Voltage Protector BRP7891

    BASI's BRP7891 is an 11-pin-box-enclosed unit especially designed for voltage protection in railway wagon emergency control system.
  • Signal Isolator BSI7804

    BASI's BSI704 is a isolating transmitter designed for factory set input output combinations providing 3-way galvanic isolation to 1500V
  • Trip Alarm AC BDTA7835

    BASI's BDTA7835 is a programmable AC trip alarm for DIN-rail mounting
  • Trip Alarm BDTA7838

    BASI's DC Trip Alarm BDTA7838 is a programmable process trip alarm for DIN-rail mounting
  • Universal Signal Conditioner BUSC7801

    BASI's BUSC7801 Isolated Intelligent transmitter with universal input is an economical and excellent choice for accurate signal conversion.