Thermometers and transmitters for the process industry. BASI offers a complete assortment of thermometers, thermowells,
measurement inserts, transmitters and accessories for all types of process industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Primaries & Metal, Power & Energy.


The thermowell is the process wetted part of the thermometer. Basically, thermowells are divided into protection tubes constructed from welded tubes and thermowells made of drilled barstock material.  In many cases temperature sensors cannot be placed directly into the medium but need protection from rough process conditions. Furthermore the thermowell makes sure that an exchange of the measurement insert is possible without interrupting the process.

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  • Mounting Bracket BYT

    BASI's Bracket for Pipe Mounting BYT in steel or stainless steel for pipe ½"...2" for field devices
  • Temperature Accessories BFA

    BASI's Adjustable Mounting Flange BFA according to DIN 43734 for probe O.D. 14...32 mm
  • Temperature Accessories BFD

    BASI's Threaded DIN Mounting Flange BFD according to DIN 2566 in stainless for probe O.D. 8...65 mm
  • Temperature Accessories BFN

    BASI's ANSI Welding Mountain Flange BFN in stainless for proble O.D. 8...65 mm
  • Temperature Accessories BFS

    BASI's Small Mounting Flange BFS non-standard, in stainless, fixing with the side screw, for probe O.D. 5...18 mm
  • Temperature Accessories BYA-C

    BASI's Ceramic Protection Tube BYA-C for aggressive environments: melts, chemicals, etc in various materials, resistant up to 1700 °C
  • Temperature Accessories BYA-M

    BASI's Metal Protection Tube BYA-M for aggressive environments: melts, chemicals, etc. in various materials and resistant up to 1300 °C
  • Temperature Accessories BYB

    BASI's Bayonet Mounting Adapter BYB screw or wrench design in stainless or brass for probe O.D. 6...8 mm
  • Temperature Accessories BYD

    BASI`s Threaded Mounting Adapter BYD in stainless. Standard, extended, or low-profile design for probe O.D. 1.5...20 mm
  • Temperature Accessories BYPFD

    BASI's Flanged DIN Termowell BYPFD according to DIN 43772-2 in stainless. Resistant up to 40 bar and 850 °C for BTS probes and temperature gauges
  • Temperature Accessories BYPTD

    BASI's Threaded DIN Thermowell BYPTD according to DIN 43772-2 in stainless. Bored and welded designs, resistant up to 250 bar and 850 °C
  • Temperature Accessories BYPTG

    BASI's Threaded Gland-type Thermowell BYPTG in stainless. Bored and welded designs, resistant up to 250 bar and 800 °C