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Signal Converters

Signal Conditioners, Transmitters and Converters

Process transmitters isolate, filter amplify, and convert sensor signals to current or voltage signals for interfacing with controllers and other instrumentation. Select from 2-wire loop-powered current transmitters, 3-wire DC- powered transmitters, or 4-wire AC/DC-powered transmitters. 3-wire and 4-wire models are available as current or voltage transmitters. DIN-rai, plug-in and field-mount version are available. Configuration is easy with Windows software, push-buttons, switches, or pots for span/zero settings depending on the series.

DIN Rail Series 100

What is Signal Conditioning
“Anything in / anything out” – conversion, isolation, amplification, splitting, monitoring and many more functions for electrical signals or signals from sensors producingelectrical signals used in measurement and control applications.

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  • Analog to Potentiometer BATP168

    BASI's BATP168 is an isolating signal converter that can convert most process signals into a potentiometer output.
  • Analog to Pulse BAPC153

    BAPC153 analogue to pulse converter that is factory configured voltage current and sensor inputs. 3-way galvanic isolation up to 1500Vdc.
  • Analog to Pulse BLI152

    BASI's BLI152 is an analogue to pulse converter that supports a variety of inputs from 100mV up to 100Vdc and 1mA up to 1Adc
  • Analog to Resistance BATR167

    BASI's BATR167 can convert most process signals into a simulated resistance output along with 3-way galvanic isolation up to 2000V rms
  • Conductivity Transmitter BCDT128

    BASI's Conductivity Transmitter BCDT128 is a 4-wire transmitter designed for any type of conductivity input and process signal output.
  • Frequency Transmitter BFRT150

    BASI's BFRT150 is designed to convert a frequency input signal up to 5kHz to a standard process signal.
  • pH/ORP-Transmitter BPHT129

    BASI's BASI's BPHT129 is used with a wide range of sensors such as pH, ORP . Input/output isolation is to avoid ground loop problems
  • Pilot Cable Monitor BPCM177

    BPCM177 pilot cable monitor is an earth continuity relay in accordance with AS/NZS 2081 ensuring the cable is maintained
  • Position Controller BPSC170

    BASI's BPSC170 is a 3-point positioning control block designed as a final drive element for motorised actuators.
  • Power Driver BPD121

    BASI's BPD121 is a 4-wire signal conditioner with common process signal input and a controlled high current output
  • Power Driver BPD122

    BASI's BPD122 is a dc powered, 4-wire signal conditioner with high drive output.
  • Power Supply BPS109

    BASI's BPS109 is an ac powered auxiliary power supply with two isolated outputs.