DIN Rail Series 100

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  • Pilot Cable Monitor BPCM177

    BPCM177 pilot cable monitor is an earth continuity relay in accordance with AS/NZS 2081 ensuring the cable is maintained
  • Triple Alarm BTRA173

    BTRA173 is a triple alarm relay, suitable for all standard process signals and features three independent adjustable relay outputs.
  • Triple Alarm BSTA138

    BASI's BSTA138 is a alarm relay suitable for standard process signals and common sensor types.
  • Trip Alarm BDTA137

    BASI's BDTA137 for all standard process signals and all types of sensors, featuring two adjustable trip points with relay contact outputs.
  • Thermocouple Transmitter BTCT126

    BASI's BTCT126 is a 4-wire isolating temperature transmitter designed for any type of thermocouple input and an isolated process signal output.
  • Signal Isolator with Alarm BSTI136

    BASI's BSTI136 is a universal isolating transmitter featuring an independently adjustable trip-point with relay contact output.
  • Signal Isolator with Trip Alarm BDTI135

    BASI's BDTI135 is a isolating transmitter featuring two independently adjustable trip points with relay contact output
  • Signal Isolator BSI139

    BASI's BSI139 is a isolating transmitter designed for factory set input output combinations providing true 3-way galvanic isolation up to 2000V rms
  • Resistance Transmitter BRT143

    BASI's BRT143 for resistance or slide-wire transmitter designed for 2 or 3-wire resistance input with a standard process signal output.