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Special omvandlare

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  • Universal Signal Conditioner BUSC701

    BASI's Universal Signal Conditioner that combines measurement and control functions in a single instrument
  • Trip Alarm BQAU775

    BQAU775 accept one input almost any type of sensor or a high level process signal. Four individual trip points are then user adjusted
  • Thermocouple Splitter BTCS726

    Thermocouple Splitter BTCS726 takes one thermocouple input and provides two fully isolated outputs
  • Signal Isolator BSFI762

    BASI's BSFI762 combines two independent and isolated input channels and one output for following process conditioning applications
  • Signal Isolator BDHI733

    BASI's BDHI733 combines two fully independent HART transparent isolator channels in one housing.
  • Signal Isolator BDI739

    BASI's BDI739 two fully independent channels in one housing. Optional 10A rated trippoint for monitoring is available on channel 2.
  • Signal Isolator BDI732

    BASI'sBDSI732 two fully independent isolators in one housing. Optional trip point for monitoring and alarming is available on channel 2
  • Signal Isolator BQLPI731

    BASI's BQLPI731 is a four channel loop powered isolator that combines signal isolation and conversion in one compact package
  • Frequency Converter BPFC750

    BPFC750 is designed to accommodate a variety of pulse signals / sensors. The frequency input range spans from 0.2Hz up to 180kHz.