Field Indicator BLD4200

BLD-IV is available with 4 digits. The digit height is 200 mm.


• Input from ±20mA, 4-20mA, ±2.5VDC or ±25VDC
• 4 digit 200mm Red LED visible to 100m Green, Amber or White at special order
• IP65 rated wall mount enclosure, powder coated steel standard or stainless steel
• Dual 4-20mA analog retransmission model available
• 4 configurable setpoint relays standard rated at 240VAC, 5A into a resistive load,     . Relays 1 and 2 may be configured for either setpoint or PI control
• Pushbutton setup and calibration, display can be scaled without special tools
• 2 calibration memories can be stored
• 3 configurable remote inputs as standard
• Remote inputs can be configured to one of a wide range of functions including         zero, tare, peak hold, etc.
• Programmable digital filter
• RS232 or RS485 serial communications optionally available
• Inbuilt data logger optionally available
• The auto-brightness feature for LED displays varies the display brightness to suit       the ambient light
• 2 year guarantee
• See separate brochures

The LD-IV with the 200mm displays will be ideal for those DC mA or DC Volt input applications where rate, volume, load, pressure, weight or position indications for example, need to be visible from a distance up to100m. The display can be scaled in engineering units e.g. “Litres per minute”, “Litres”, “Kilograms”, “PSI” etc. Red, Green, Amber or White LED available in standard and high contrast versions.
Foundries, smelters, weighbridges, water treatment plants, storage tanks and silos are just some of the possible applications for these large digit displays. The input type is set by internal circuit board jumpers but calibration, alarm settings, decimal
point etc are all carried out using the push buttons on the main board of the instrument. The 200mm LED digit displays are housed in rugged, IP65 rated, powder coated zinc coated steel enclosures. A shroud is available for the 200mm displays to provide some protection from direct light if required. Quality ISO 9001


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