LUX-transmitter BLUX510

The BLUX510 is a loop powered LUX or light intensity transmitter

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The BLUX510 is a loop powered LUX or light intensity transmitter. The durable polycarbonate enclosure with the protection category of IP65 is ideally suited for stand-alone mounting anywhere in or around unprotected plant equipment. A gland is provided for output cabling. Standard output is 4 – 20mA with a minimum supply voltage of 6.3V. This enables the BLUX510 to be used in 12V battery supply systems. 10 – 50mA loop powered is also available. Typical applications include curtain control in areas such as greenhouses. Output zero and SPAN adjustment are located on the PC-board

  • 2-wire output loop power supplies.
  • Wide range light sensor to 140k lux.
  • IP65 rated polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Internal adjustments for span and zero.
  • Common applications include:
    • Control of greenhouse blinds.
    • Control of building louvres & curtins.
    • Lighting control for building automation
    • Energy management.
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