Pulse Frequency Transmitter BSL350


The BSL350 is a software configurable pulse to process signal converter providing true 3-way galvanic isolation up to 2500Vrms.

A variety of pulse signals / sensors supported in the one unit by connecting to the appropriate input terminals. The standard unit can also be used to detect mains frequency variations, typically in the range 45…55Hz ( or even 48…52Hz) by using the HI voltage input terminal.

The AUX sensor supply also supports adjustable current and voltage settings reducing hazards in probe wiring and allowing the use of variable resistance sensors. Final calibration is set using the free BSL300 configuration software, no final calibration with test equipment is required. Final adjustment of the trigger level may be performed wit the trigger capture button. Key features of the BSL350;

  • Small 12.4mm case size.
  • Wide range AC/DC power supplies.
  • Crystal based frequency measurement.
  • Accurate trigger level setting and run time update.
  • No isolation barrier errors.
  • Custom input to output linearisation.

BSL300 user software settings – Input sensor and AUX supply. – Trigger level setting and capture. – Input filter. – Frequency measurement range. – Input linearisation – Process output range, limits and action.

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