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  • Bar Graph Indicator BBI66

    BASI's Bar Graph Indicator 4-digit LED display plus 50-dot bargraph DIN (96W x 96H) or (144W x 72H) mm
  • Bar Graph Indicator BBI600

    BASI's BBI600 is a microprocessor-based programmable process indicator with alarm relay outputsm, DIN (96W x 96H) or (144W x 72H) mm,
  • Bar Graph Indicator BKN1000

    BASI's Bar Graph Indicators BKN1000 offer high accuracy of ±0.2% and dual display. Multiple input, . DIN (36W x 144H) mm
  • Bar Graph Indicator BBI250

    BASI's BBI250 is a programmable process indicator and a fully programmable Tri-color LED bargraph in 48x96mm DIN case
  • Bar Graph Indicator BBI150

    BASI's BBI150 is a slim-sized process indicator for panel mounting with 24x96 mm DIN front size
  • DO2 transmitter BDOT105

    BASI's BDOT105 is an panel mount transmitter for dissolved oxygen measurement. It converts the signal from a probe for dissolved O2
  • pH Transmitter BPHT10

    BASI's BPHT10 Loop Powered pH and ORP transmitters provide an temperature compensated 4-20mA outpu
  • Conductivity Transmitter BCDT128

    BASI's Conductivity Transmitter BCDT128 is a 4-wire transmitter designed for any type of conductivity input and process signal output.
  • pH Transmitter BPHT129

    BASI's BPHT129 is used with a wide range of sensors such as pH, ORP . Input/output isolation is to avoid ground loop problems