Field Indicator BLD660

The Series BLD offers a wide range of large format meters, for all type of industrial applications.


The Series BLD offers a wide range of large format meters, for all type of industrial applications.

Its differential feature is the large digit size implemented, with available versions with 60 mm digit height and reading up to 25 meters, and versions with 100 mm digit height and reading up to 50 meters.

These instruments can perform control functions, as they can mount relay or transistor outputs, SSR controls, analog retransmission signals, and communications in Modbus RTU, RS-485 or RS-232 ASCII protocols. All circuits are isolated for better performance and protection.

Sturdy and multifunctional housing, Series BLD is supplied with a full IP65 metallic housing, designed to be panel mounted, wall mounted or hanging mounted. Front keypad allows for easy configuration, and connection for remote keypad is provided.

Special front lens made from antirreflexive tinted methacrylate, provides a sharp and clean reading even at long distances. Additionally, 5 levels of configurable brightness offers adaptability of brightness to most environments.

In short, the Series BLD is a strong and sturdy large format display, that provides
sharp and clean reading up to 25 meters and 50 meters distance, with optional
output and control signals, suitable for all type of industrial environments and

Main characteristics


  • General industry applications


  • Large format digital meter


  • Process measure
  • Temperature measure
  • Potentiometer measure
  • Impulse counter
  • Ratemeter
  • Periodmeter
  • Chronometer
  • Time counter
  • Modbus RTU repeater
  • RS-485 ASCII repeater
  • RS-232 ASCII repeater
  • Load cells
  • Weight


  • 4
  • 6

Excitation voltage

  • 5 to 20Vdc (max. 30mA)
  • 5Vdc
  • 5 to 18Vdc (máx 70mA)
  • +5Vdc (max. 140mA)
  • +10Vdc (max. 140mA)

Digit type

  • 7 segments led

Digit height

  • 60mm
  • 100mm

Digit color

  • Red
  • Green

Reading distance

  • 25 meters
  • 50 meters


  • 85/265 Vac and 120/370 Vdc
  • 11 to 36 Vdc

IP protection

  • Full IP65 housing


  • Panel mount
  • Wall mount
  • Hanging

Front size

  • 340x135mm
  • 436x135mm
  • 542x166mm
  • 740x166mm
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BLD Series


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