PressureTransmitter BDPT3251-L


BASI Model BDPT3251-L Smart Level Transmitter. Designed for process control applications, these 2-wire transmitters generate a 4-20mA signal proportional or characterized to the applied pressure. This signal can be transmitted over a pair of twisted wires through long distances (limited only by the wire resistance and load). Remarkable features of the transmitters are its 0.075% inaccuracy and non-linearity, 100:1 rangeability, compactness and light weight. The pressures are directly applied to the isolating diaphragm that provide isolation and resistance against process fluid corrosion. Being microprocessor based, the electronic circuit is extremely versatile and accurate. Combined with the sensor precision, it provides the high accuracy and rangeability. Transmitter performance is improved by continuous monitoring of the sensor temperature and corresponding corrections. A local display permits easy reading and writing of data