On/off Controller BTC284U

BTC284U is designed for wide range of applications.


BTC284U is designed for wide range of applications. It is equipped with a 4-digit LED display, a universal input for Pt100, Pt1000, PTC, 6 thermocouple types as well as for linear current and voltage signals from external transmitters and can have up to 2 programmable relay control/alarm outputs. BTC284U can be ordered with either keyboard or unique rotating encoder for set-point adjustment and programming. All versions have a built-in circuit for self-testing and self-calibration, manual measurement offset setting, and automatic software compensation of line resistance and cold junction temperature. The display-to-input correspondence (in case of linear input), decimal point position, temperature measurement unit, and offset value are also programmable. Thanks to its universal input, the available various enclosures and serial interface as well as excellent price-toperformance ratio, BTC284U is an exceptionally widely applicable device.

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